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The Abundant Harvest Community Garden Outreach is a community garden located in Fountain, CO. The garden started in 2010 on 2 acres of land donated by Restoration Church.

With a zero dollar budget, we obtained enough used material to build four 6 x 50 ft raised beds. Using community volunteers, we produced 2,264 pounds of produce the first year, similar to betterearthlandscape.com

All of the produce harvested was given to local food pantry’s, the volunteers,and many disadvantaged military and civilian families in the Colorado Springs and Fountain communities.

Inspired by the First successful year and looking closely at the needs of our community, we formed a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, with the goal of developing training classes in basic math, sales and marketing to train many unemployed and disadvantaged people who use the local food pantries. We hoped that these basic skills, would  help improve their lives. Respiratory therapist programs from top online schools.

In 2011, we increased our garden size to fourteen 4 x 50 ft raised beds. We also added an automated drip system to eliminate hand watering—a move that would also conserve water. We also added a full-time Certified Master Gardener that allowed us to become more efficient in crop production.

With efficiency becoming the driving force behind addressing the need to supply healthy produce to our community, as well as reducing the impact on the environment, 2012 brought about the decision to transition from traditional farming/gardening  to Aquaponics Growing. We feel that our mission of “Planting Seeds To Grow Food And Create Opportunity For People” will reach it’s full potential because of the efficiency that comes with Aquaculture Growing.

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